IR Test Machine "The Herschel"

Ceramicx launches Herschel, the game changer for thermoforming process design developed in partnership with Trinity College Dublin.  The new tool now gives plastics processors and researchers an easy and automated way to measure and map a heat spectrum that was previously invisible.

The Herschel comprises a heat flux sensor which is guided in front of the test emitter by an ABB robot.  The sensor coordinates can be cubic grid, or spherical.  The cubic grid is ideal to sense the heat plux outputs from  arrays or larger elements.  The spherical coordinates are used to gain an idea of the precise amount of heat emitted by the device under test, and compare it against other emitters.  In addition, the heater can be rotated by 180 degrees and the scan repeated, thus giving a near 360 degree view of the infrared heat flux emitted by the heater front and rear.  Knowledge of the front and rear profiles allows determination of the forward efficiency of the infrared heating systems.

The new Ceramicx machine tool enables:

  •  A greater understanding and how IR heating elements of various types work and perform – mapping a previously invisible spectrum of IR radiant heat.
  •  A greater understanding, measurement and predictability of target body thermal response to IR radiation.

Ceramicx uses the Herschel 3D test machine:

  • in the design and performance evaluation of its own infrared heating components
  • in the design and build of heaters for thermoforming, blow moulding, and other machinery involving IR heating
  • in the general testing and assessment of IR components and systems

The first model made its debut at the K-Show 2013 in Dusseldorf . As well as carrying out its own in-house development and testing, Ceramicx are also using the Herschel for third party testing.  If you'd like to investigate or evaluate materials, heaters and processing techniques, contact us to discuss your testing requirements.  Ceramicx can also build machines to customer order and purchase. Contact us to discuss your requirements or view our extensive range of heaters for industrial processing

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