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The Genesis Of An Industrial Oven

28 February, 2017

Our last blog post on the  automotive industry technology reminded me that generic technology often needs a specific industrial setting before it can become more widespread and universal.

Our work on our unique Ceramicx clam shell IR heater, for example, would most likely not have taken place without prior and intensive heat work with Automotive Tier 1 supplier Mecalbi.

Today’s modern automotive contains miles of wiring and electronics. The technical term for this is harnessing and Mecalbi helps make plenty of it via the machines it supplies worldwide. The company, founded in 2006 and based in Portugal, produces machines that typically heat shrinks a thermoplastic sleeve around a variety of automotive wiring. Ceramicx helped Mecalbi perfect its heating and drying cycles via use of a specially designed clamshell heater that is fitted in each machine they produce.
This heat work method proved so effective that Ceramicx then went on to design other large scale clam shell heaters/ovens which we now market under our own label. Addressing one specific kind of opportunity led us to design and market a generic industrial oven for many kinds of useage.

Reference HeatWorks Magazine issue 8 for the full background to beginnings of the Ceramicx work with Mecalbi.

Dr Cáthál Wilson 


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