New R&D for Custom Industrial Ovens

07 March, 2017

Any bespoke Infrared heat work for industrial clients requires pinpoint accuracy, planning and execution. It’s part of the reason that Ceramicx built our Herschel machine-test instrument. Readers will know that our Herschel is able to empirically map any 3D field of IR radiation, thus enabling Ceramicx to build Custom Industrial Ovens with predictable and failsafe performance.

Our factory new build and extension will therefore give pride of place to greatly increased R&D activities. Clean room, white room and laboratory spaces are factored in to the building works around us and the current expansion. Total building works are expected to be complete by November 2017. We expect our clean room environments to be operating shortly after that deadline.

Ceramicx has long realised that our work in Custom Industrial Ovens has been a key factor in our commercial growth and this in turn is directly attributable to our strengths in research and development.  Only by operating beyond the envelope and out of the box can a company hope to increase its competences, sales and market share.

The Herschel was launched at the K 2013 exhibition in Düsseldorf and HeatWorks issue 10 carried an extensive preview of our game-changing innovation. Full details here.

Dr. Cáthál Wilson

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