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case study bm anlagenbau

SUPPLIER - Ceramicx - Friedr Freek
CLIENT - BM Anlagenbau
BUSINESS - Construction and Building Products
LOCATION - Hamelin, Germany

To help BM Anlagenbau in using infrared heating technology to create innovative and weather-resistant products for the construction and building industries. These specially-treated products resist wear and tear; hold their aesthetic through the product lifetime, as well as being graffiti and vandal proof - thus extending product life and service life; reducing efflorescence and guarding against tyre abrasions, food, oil and chemical contaminations. The use of infrared heating would give the client the opportunity to cataylse the process; reduce lead times and also enhance product aesthetics and finish

Ceramicx infrared heat consultants worked with long-term associate and German heating expert Friedr Freek to provide BM Anlagenbau, with both the core infrared heating expertise and also the overall heating system design, hardware, ovens and controls.

In production, most of the BM Anlagenbau product range is typically treated with polymer paints and then needs to dry before being packaged and shipped.
Infrared heating had a key role to play in improving this production process; firstly in preparing the concrete and stone surfaces before the polymer paints are applied - improving the surface readiness and also the penetration of the coating material into the concrete. This infrared pre-heat made for better adhesion and for better long-term protection of the concrete product. Pre and post-spray infrared heating also eliminated the tendency for a developing film surface to ‘bubble’ and crack the surface of the coating. With two infrared heating applications provided, material was allowed to evaporate from both the substrate and then from the top of the product.

Modular heating systems and controls were developed and commissioned for all part of the client heating process. The overall effect achieved of the plastic film on concrete is a silk-like finish to the concrete and stone. This is often referred to as the ‘wet-effect’ and increases the depth of colour in the case of concrete – making the product much more visually appealing.

Stephan Dullmann for Freek says that ‘we were delighted to be able to help BM Anlagenbau engineer the heating system; producing a fault-free job at an optimum price. Heat systems service and know-how have become synonymous with the Freek company reputation and this project, we are please to say has been no exception.’

"The quick response and the precise control of infrared heat work have been the keys in perfecting our system. Furthermore, the heat applications can be fully implemented into a comprehensive control system, which reduces overall costs significantly. This - combined with the modular system - allows for easy up and down-grading. In addition, the "oversized" integral fans allow for compact infrared ovens without extra blowers .The project has clearly shown the benefit of trusting in the expertise of development partners playing a leading role in their sectors. No need to say who the partners will be for further heat work projects to come!" BM Anlagenbau director Dirk Matyschiok

"Infrared technology has an amazing potential for all industries - and is still largely untapped. Thanks to the innovation of BM Anlagenbau this part of the construction industry is feeling the benefit – consumers and our environment also. Ceramicx learned a great deal from being part of this project – in designing the right array of elements and infrared emissions to suit – as well as engineering the infrared reflectors to provide exactly the right kind of heating for the concrete and give the whole system the right price/performance ratio. In this case, the high speed infrared heating also allows the client to adjust the overall heating systems in a modular manner –minimising space; helping changeovers, reducing production costs and improving competitiveness." Frank Wilson, Ceramicx founder


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