Clam Shell Oven

Ceramicx industrial heat consultants  not only provide solutions for custom infrared ovens. We have constructed a clam shell oven as part of our standard production offering. This 12KW+ unit is controlled through a HMI interface using control hardware and software from Cannon Automata and Ceramicx. 

Oven type  Radiant Total Power   12.1kW
Power supply 3 x 400V + N + PE Maximum current/phase 18A
Maximum operating temp 650°C ( 1292°F ) Element type Short wave quartz halogen
Total heating power 12kW ( 6 x 2kW ) Total fan power 96W ( 6 x 16W )
Control zones 3 Control type 3 zone open loop (with optional single zone closed loop)
Control interface Touchscreen HMI    
Power control  Phase angle Temperature measurement Single type K thermocouple ( measuring air temp. )
Footprint (oven closed) 1153 x 991mm (45.4” x 39”) Footprint (oven open) 1400 x 991mm (55.1” x 39”)
Overall height (from floor) 1350mm ( 53.1” ) Oven length (entry to exit) 991mm ( 39” )
Effective heated length 740mm ( 29.1” ) Entry/exit Ø  150mm ( 5.9” )
Maximum product Ø 100mm ( 3.9” ) Approvals CE
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