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Ground Breaking Vector Oven

The Ceramicx Vector drape forming machine is designed to heat and cure carbon composite material whether its pre-preg or dry fibre. Ceramicx has used its deep know how of the properties of infrared heating in order to revolutionise the heating of carbon fibre, optimising the balance between temperature, penetration, power and cycle time.

2017 sees Ceramicx launching the ground breaking Vector oven; an Out Of Autoclave (OOA) processing solution for aerospace suppliers needing shorter lead times, faster cycle times and quality parts.

The Vector can also be customised to meet any aerospace customer’s size requirements with no exclusive minimum or maximum dimensions for parts. The heaters are individually powered and controlled in zones by the Siemens HCS system in conjunction with calibrated optical temperature measurement.

The Vector drape forming machine has no complex drive shaft systems, gear boxes or external motors. The optimisation of the heating parameters also saves the Vector aerospace user time and money; ensuring that infrared radiation’s properties and capabilities are exploited to best suit the materials, the application and the manufacturing process.

The Aerospace sector is increasingly taking to Infrared-based heating since it has clear advantages over conventional oven and convective heating methods.

These Include:

• Fast heat up and fast cool down times.  Infrared can be switched on where and when it is required. 

• High watt densities possible (subject to material limits)

• Higher production speeds

• Compact installations

• Low investment cost

• Adaptable and expandable

• May be the only option in some repair cases.

• Can penetrate into polymers giving a volumetric heating effect (as opposed to conductive and convective heating)


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