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In Line Thermoforming

Creating The Finished Package

Ovens and heat platens from Ceramicx have been transforming the in-line, high- speed plastics thermoforming landscape throughout the world for the past five years.

Ceramicx thermoforming solutions are typically supplied here as a retrofit heat system for production lines making Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

The popularity of the Ceramicx solution is growing, since average energy savings of 40% along with up to 20% productivity improvement are possible and payback time is measured in months.

Key Ceramicx customers include Linpac and many other major producers of food service items, supermarket and High Street food packaging.

Ceramicx in-line thermoforming IR heat platens enable:



○ Pin point process control and process design

○ IR based heat sources – for longevity, reliability and cost down.

○ Average energy savings of 40% on line running costs – and speedy payback

○ The preservation and rejuvenation of expensive capital equipment

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