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IR Heating and Thermoforming

Ceramicx providing energy efficient solutions worldwide.

With a big focus for companies on reducing costs and being more energy efficient, Ceramicx industrial heat consultants are leading the way in providing expertise on efficiency, including knowledge on reducing costs for thermoforming heaters and infrared furnace efficiency as well as well as manufacturing and supplying energy efficient industrial heaters.

Whether its relating to heaters for industrial processing or infrared ovens, infrared is a subject that is entering the consciousness of both industry and the general public more and more. The primary reason for this increased visibility is the improvement in energy efficiency that is possible whether it is processing plastics, cooking food or comfort heating. Not all infrared heaters are equal in achieving this energy efficiency and Ceramicx continues to dedicate significant resources in setting the standard when it comes to application of infrared in the most energy efficient and productive manner possible.

Ceramicx have with the establishment of the Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation C212 stepped up to our mission to provide infrared emmiters, reflectors and indeed controls in conjunction with partner companies to ensure that the solutions we provide always lead the way with regard to energy efficiency, making more money for you our customer. Ceramicx typically save 30-40% for any thermoforming machine retrofits and are confident that their systems and components used correctly provide opportunity for significant savings in any application in which they are applied. 

Ceramicx are also now offering training, see here for more details and we invite our customers to learn more about what infrared can do for you and your processess. 

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