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Infrared Heating applications in medicineThis is a field in which Ceramicx industrial heat consultants has carried out a great deal of exploration: Ceramicx has manufactured infrared heat / heaters for centrifuges to put the energy in and separate blood platelets. With infrared heat in manufacturing in mind we also produce tens of thousands of heaters for use in the sauna cabin industry. Again there have been recent healthcare projects that have indicated that infrared has a neutralising effect on bugs and viruses. If you speak to a nurse from paediatric wards from 30 years ago you will be told that when the incubators for children were cleaned out, they were placed outside in the sunshine for a number of hours afterward. It was clearly recognised then that the infrared and UV from the sun killed the viruses and bugs that were present. Ceramicx has a huge number of ideas and avenues to explore in relation to the use of infrared in a number of fields.

These Avenues Include:
  • Asthma Suffers
  • Bed Bugs
  • Centrifuge
  • MRSA Infrared / Silver
  • Saunas
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