Pulling Apart

Ceramicx played a leading role in this EU-led project for easy dismantling of bonded parts at the end of a vehicle’s life.

Ceramicx Infrared Heating A leading Italian OEM marque was the client and a network of some five suppliers collaborated in an EU led and funded solution for windscreen joining and disassembly technology.

Ceramicx IR heating know-how was indispensable in working out drying and curing systems for the rubber to metal and glass bonding needs and – as importantly – for the dismantling of the vehicle at the end of its life.

The work was part of the ILIPT and Ecodism project and was titled ‘smart bonding process for mounting and dismantling car glazings’ and the task was to set up an intelligent and reversible bonding system.

The project succeeded in, forming a clear primer system for the windscreen edge surround. Applying the new system with special adhesives in the same way as during normal production. The adhesives then cure more rapidly and also stays dormant during the life of the vehicle.

Ceramicx was involved in developing infrared heaters to ensure that at the end of its life the whole assembly system would debond within two minutes, owing to the application of IR heat in the range of 140-160°C. This work greatly improved upon the time taken for previous disassembly processes by a factor of some 500%.

The project was scoped and delivered to an industrial scale. In addition and thanks to the targeted application of IR heating, the project succeeded in preventing end-of-life windscreens from being broken up for scrap and classed as shredder residue.

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