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Specialised Steatite Components

A selection of parts that can be purchased

Thanks to significant new investments, Ceramicx Ireland now manufactures specialized Steatite ceramic dust press components on its Dorst 6 Ton, 15 Ton and 30 Ton machines. These are used in mainstream Ceramicx production and – for the first time- are now also available to purchase on the open market.

Steatite ceramic dust has proven itself to be the material-of-choice for the manufacture of electrical insulators. It has good mechanical strength with good dielectric properties and a high temperature resistivity of up to 1000°C

Steatite is most commonly used in applications where a high temperature electrical insulator is required. It operates very well in cold switching applications and is also an excellent high voltage insulator.

Ceramicx initially developed its dust press capacity as part of the company’s full manufacturing integration policy; in order to produce parts such as beads, connector blocks and additional components for high-temperature Infrared heating applications.

These steatite ceramic dust presses line up alongside Ceramicx Ireland’s metal working and pressing equipment; thus allowing the full production of metal-based parts that are often part of the Ceramic steatite solution. The metal working and pressing machinery includes a Hurco Machining Centre, a Hurco 6 axis bar fed lathe and press machines between 25 and 75 Ton.

The new investments enable Ceramicx to now offer specialist Steatite part runs to companies that need quality insulators as part of their product manufacturing. For over twenty years Ceramicx has been shipping components and products to manufacturers in over 62 countries worldwide. Service, confidentiality and world class quality is offered, together with a unique know-how in developing and designing product solutions in Steatite Ceramic where needed.

All designs and quantities may be ordered direct through the company.

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