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Ceramicx infrared heaters increase thermoforming efficiency and make thermoforming profitable

The plastics thermoforming industry is often accused of being energy intensive and inaccurate compared to plastics injection moulding but Ceramicx industrial heat consultants now has the expertise to supply thermoforming replacement heaters to thousands of thermoformers worldwide – saving the industry millions and improving thermoforming line efficiency in the process.

Specialising in reducing costs for thermoforming, Ceramicx MD and founder Frank Wilson says that ‘a simple upgrade to an infrared heating system can increase the user’s profit margin by up to 40%. The infrared heating upgrade is designed to improve the performance of a fixed capital asset that would take millions to replace and the upgrade typically pays for itself within months.’

Wilson continues that ‘for a very low five figure sum a sophisticated upgrade to a fixed and expensive capital asset can be supplied – and not only pay for itself within months but also make you 40% more money on the output which you were having to make anyway. Not only that but the move will significantly prolong the life of your fixed machinery.’
Thermoforming heating control systems by CeramicxThermoforming heating control systems produces a host of other benefits, including:

  • Major reduction in capital equipment wear and tear
  • Like-for-like infrared for tubular replacements
  • Elimination of ‘hot box’ tubular problems
  • No need for changes in control or instrumentation
  • Poor performing infra red to be replaced with superior platens
  • Savings in directional heat
  • Better resultant product quality
  • Improved set up time and tool change time
  • More complex parts possible
  • Cooling requirements also reduced
  • Matching of heating control systems to polymers being processed
  • Improved environment for operators

Wilson’s view is that ‘many thermoforming companies spend their time unnecessarily fretting about raising the capital for an expensive new machine.

The reality is that a thermoforming heaters upgrade can make them more money now.

All further details of Ceramicx infrared heaters for thermoforming as well as infrared platen systems including custom infrared ovens are available from Frank Wilson, Ceramicx Managing Director.


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