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Ceramic Trough Elements

Ceramic Trough Elements (FTE/HTE/QTE) are industry standard curved ceramic infrared heaters used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. These solid cast elements consist of a high temperature FeCrAL resistance alloy embedded in a specially formulated ceramic body allowing operating temperatures up to 750⁰C and a maximum power output of 1000W (FTE Model Only).

At Ceramicx infrared heat consultants, we are highly committed to the research & development surrounding our component lines which also has the capacity to inform the applications engineering side of our business. We have developed test and evaluation facilities focused on Infrared heating energy that are the first of their kind. These tests and evaluation facilities have been developed in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin as part of an Innovation partnership program funded by Enterprise Ireland and Ceramicx. Tests and evaluation facilities allow us to evaluate the infrared energy (watts per centimeters squared) outputted from our heaters. Temperature and Thermocouples have always been a poor method of evaluating the performance of Infrared emitters. Ceramicx can now build on our research facilitating more infrared heat energy produced at a lower temperatures allowing more energy efficient processing. This can be seen in our energy efficient industrial heaters

This concept can now be demonstrated and proven to customers. 

Read more about our infrared innovation partnership

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