Cut Sheet Thermoforming

Boosting Quality In Large Plastic Parts

Year after year the cut-sheet thermoforming industry continues to raise its quality game: Ceramicx IR heating solutions have helped this process.

Infrared-based heat systems are key in helping ensure shot-to-shot consistency and reliability.

For the cost-effective production of large plastic mouldings, the thermoforming process is hard to beat.

The Ceramicx customer list includes thermoforming machine manufacturers and businesses who are successfully making large mouldings for the automotive, aerospace, medical/healthcare sectors as well as servicing high demand in from the white and brown goods sectors.

Ceramicx IR heat platens for cut- sheet thermoforming allow:

○ Elimination of costly legacy issues with tubular and conventional heating

○ Pin point process control and process programming

○ IR based heat sources – for longevity, reliability and cost down. 

○ The preservation and rejuvenation of expensive capital equipment

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