The Linpac

Ceramicx has confirmed 40% energy savings for a thermoforming customer’s infrared heating system when compared to a conventional heating system on an identical thermoforming machine.

The Ceramicx oven system features upper and lower heating platens together with power control systems, enclosures, switchgear, and PLC control.

Oven Type: Clamshell(Designed for Irwin 44 Thermoformer) Total Power:  164kW
Power Supply:  3 x 400V + N + PE Maximum Current/Phase:  260A
Maximum Operating Temp:
 250°C (Air Temperature)
Upper Platen Element Type:  Long wave ceramic model SFEH
Lower Platen Element Type:  Long Wave Anodised Aluminium Panels Total Heating Power:  160kW
Control channels: 132 Control type:

3 zone closed loop combined with open loop control of 132 channels

Controller: Siemens S7/HC500 Control interface: Industrial touchscreen PC
Power control: Burst fire (triac half sine wave switching) Control feedback: Type K thermocouples integrated into ceramic element
Sheet temperature monitoring: Pyrometer x 3 Air temperature monitoring: Type K thermocouple x 2
Opening mechanism: Pneumatic with counterbalanced platens Footprint: 6.8 x 1.6m
Oven length (entry to exit): 5.7m Approvals: CE
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