Square Flat Element Hollow (SFEH)


Ceramic Square Flat Infrared Heating Element Hollow (SFEH)

An industry-standard ceramic infrared heater (250 – 800W), our ceramic square flat hollow heater element is designed for long-lasting energy-efficiency in industrial, commercial and domestic applications where a high surface temperature is needed.

Available: 250 – 800W

Size: 122 x 122 x 37.5mm

Average weight: 284g

Iron-chrome aluminium resistance wire

Heater Voltage: 230V standard

Other Variations: voltages, wattages, lead length and terminations available on request

Useful wavelength range: 2-10 microns

Average Operating Life: 20,000 hrs depending on conditions

Recommended radiation distance from heater is 100mm to 200mm

Minimum recommended spacing between elements: 5mm

Supplied with 120mm ceramic beaded power leads

Technical information

Available Wattage250400500600800
Mean surface temp (°C)390497548602710
Max power density (kW/m2)15.524.83137.249.6
Radiant Watt density at 100mm (W/cm2)0.280.510.811.18

Based on tests of average surface temperature with an infrared thermometer set at an emissivity of 0.95 (element mounted in an aluminised steel reflector, RAS)


Installation Instructions

Case Studies

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Ceramicx Element Efficiency Helps Chinese Thermoformers Become Industry Leaders

Smart and flexible technology With more than 20 years’ experience in thermoforming production, BloomSmart has invested heavily in its production.
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