Whatever you may be looking for infrared heating or ceramic heaters across 80 countries worldwide – you are now in the right place.

As leading manufacturers of infrared ceramic and quartz heating products, we’re able to supply products to companies in over 80 countries around the world. You’re in the right place to find everything you need – whatever your material needs or constraints, industry, or market sector – we’ll heat anything for you.

Our team’s unrivalled knowledge, experience, and expertise in the infrared heat industry have made us the infrared heat partner of choice for customers around the world. Specialising in infrared heat application and process heat transfer for almost 30 years, we’ve seen and learned all the aspects of heating materials.

Material Testing

The ability of a material to receive and convert thermal radiation into heat is often the pain point for our customers. Testing can indicate the optimum type of emitter (short wave, medium wave, or long wave) and how effective that material is at conducting/transmitting radiation based on the thermal gradient across its thickness. This information is fundamental when designing a heating element array or system and can often not be investigated properly.

In-house Manufacturing

As well as our industry-leading infrared heating products, our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom-build heating systems to your own specifications. Using the latest in CAD/CAM, metal forming, milling, and finishing machinery, your heating problems become our solutions.

Product Quality

Every infrared ceramic and quartz element you buy from us comes with its own unique data bank of quality assurance information. Numbered and traceable through our Birth Certificate system, end of line test results and performance data are easily accessible for reassurance. In 2020 Ceramicx received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for our Quality Management System (QMS) in respect of: Design & Manufacture of infrared ceramic and quartz heating systems.

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