Quartz Twin Tube Elements

Designed for high-power densities, our infrared quartz tungsten and quartz halogen heating elements also come in twin tube form offering rapid-response heat for all fast-moving processes.

Providing high-temperature performance, these quartz halogen and quartz tungsten, twin tube, emitters offer both a double-sided and a single-sided power termination option. With the quartz tube being larger in the cross sectional area, longer overall lengths can be used due to its increased mechanical strength.

Like their standard counterparts, each heater emits infrared heat in a full 360° pattern. The twin tube heaters are available with a choice of reflective coatings of ceramic or gold. Covering 180° of the surface, the coating acts as an integral reflector which directs the heat where it’s needed.

These elements are ideal for paint-drying in the automotive industry and even extreme heat testing in the aerospace industry. And with input power immediately converted into efficient, radiant heat, they reach peak high-temperature in seconds.



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