Though the benefits and uses of infrared heating are widely known across the industry and manufacturing sectors, the science behind it is often misunderstood. So a better understanding of infrared heat is essential for any professional working in all disciplines across the infrared sector – from sales to design, manufacture, and installation.

Online infrared training

We offer a specialist online training course that you can study in your own time and at your pace. Covering the basics of infrared heat application from an industry perspective, the course will help you gain valuable insights and understanding in infrared heat technology, as well as more complex issues surrounding infrared heaters for industrial processes,

The course consists of four individual modules, each expected to take around 60-90 minutes. Each course also finishes with a short online test with results being quickly available to each student.



1 – Fundamentals of Heat transfer and Infrared

The first module covers the basics of infrared from a theoretical and practical standpoint. This is combined with a refresher on heat transfer, so all students should then be at the same level for the subsequent modules.

2 – Infrared Energy in Process Heat

The second module builds on the industrial theme. An introduction to some of the key processes that use infrared heating methods is included, as well as introducing some more theoretical aspects applicable to IR.

Conventional processes, such as thermoforming, are highlighted, and some novel and less well-known methods are described to familiarise each student with the breadth of applications suitable for Infrared.

3 – Matching the Infrared Element to the Application

The third module covers matching the element to the application – a prerequisite for the successful outcome of any infrared installation. This module aims to tie the knowledge of IR seen in module 1 with knowledge of the process in module 2. Absorption characteristics of common materials are introduced and some practical examples and tips are also given.

4 – Control of Infrared

The final module is on the control of Infrared and includes temperature sensors and basic concepts of control systems. The thermocouple is introduced and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

Alternative sensors are also covered together with non-contact thermal sensors. Finally, an introduction to control systems is given with a basic guide to switching, control, PID, and guidelines on the construction of larger systems.

While completing the course won’t guarantee that every student will become an infrared expert, our aim is that the course will provide sufficient knowledge about infrared to those taking part. Giving confidence to anyone dealing with colleagues, customers, or clients in the industry, we hope the course will benefit everyone in the business of infrared.

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Our online infrared training course is open to any Ceramicx customers, distributors, or research partners who are connected, either with infrared heating and processes or Ceramicx as an organisation. Please note – you’ll need to register as a user on our training portal first.

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