Infrared Application Examples

The Application of Infrared Heating Technology

The Ceramicx range of infrared heaters and heating systems are now widely applied across global high and low tech industries and manufacturing sectors. With continuous advances in technology, the controlled precision of infrared heat offers energy-efficient and cost-effective application for a wide range of industrial processes.

From drying, curing, and coating, to thermoforming and vacuum forming plastics, infrared heat source application is changing the world’s process industries. From metal reheating testing and beyond, some materials will absorb better using ceramic, some will require the high intensity of a halogen infrared heater, and some will require the medium intensity of a quartz type heater. Ceramicx makes them all.

We also have a number of white papers published recording testing we have done in the past.


Short Wave Medium Wave Long Wave
Paint Drying Steel Panels – Acrylic
Paint Drying Steel Panels – Alkyd
Paint Drying Steel Panels – Epoxy
Epoxy Lacquer


Short Wave Medium Wave Long Wave
PVC Paste Curing
ABS Forming
Polystyrene Forming
Polyethylene Forming
Polypropylene Forming
Car Bodies
Powder Paint
PVC Shrinking


Short Wave Medium Wave Long Wave
Water Based
End Polymerisation
Paper Labels
Glue Coating on Paper


Short Wave Medium Wave Long Wave
Pasteurisation / Sterilisation
Thermal Stabilisation


Short Wave Medium Wave Long Wave
Latex Backing Carpet
PVC Backing Carpet

Screen Printing

Short Wave Medium Wave Long Wave
Screen Printed T-Shirts
Heat Setting Transfers
Plastic Instrument Dials
Aluminium Fascia Panels

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