Pillared Quartz Infrared Heating Elements

Available as pillared full or half quartz heating elements, this cassette-style emitter is a rapid and energy-efficient infrared heat source. Producing heat in the medium to long-wavelength range, pillared quartz elements are ideal for use in any industrial or commercial heating and drying applications or industrial heaters.

Like their standard counterparts, each pillared element is constructed with a highly reflective aluminium clad steel or stainless steel body. Both the PFQE and PHQE elements have a mean surface temperature of up to 750°C with a maximum power output of 1000W (PFQE model only).

Each pillared quartz heater element is mounted using a pressed ceramic pillar, using a 42 x 15mm punched slot in the reflector (max. thickness 1.5mm) with the supplied spring and clip. As well as making emitter replacement easy, the pillar houses the screw terminals for connection and can easily be interchanged for ceramic elements.



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