Quartz Tungsten / Halogen Infrared Tube Heaters

As high-intensity infrared heaters, short wave quartz halogen and medium wave quartz tungsten gas emitters provide the highest temperatures needed for any fast-moving processes, including paint-curing in the automotive industry and even testing the extreme heat of re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere.

These fast-response, powerful elements heat up in seconds, with input power being converted into efficient, radiant heat straight away. Their precision-controlled output is particularly suitable for the forming and curing of plastics and directional heating systems with short cycle times.

While quartz tungsten and quartz halogen tubes can be supplied individually, we also manufacture our own combined array system known as a FastIR.

Full technical data for all our quartz tungsten and quartz halogen elements are available on each product page. Further information is also available on our infrared heat applications page.

To learn more about the variations we offer, or to enquire about these elements, please complete and return the Tube Enquiry Form.

The full range of quartz tungsten and quartz halogen elements are CE approved for full quality assurance and compliance.



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