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Our white papers are a selection of authoritative guides written by our own Ceramicx infrared heat experts commenting on a range of infrared heat technology subjects and technical experiments. This free PDF resource library aims to give you in-depth reference material, analysis, and explanatory information to help you understand any infrared technology issues.

If you’d like to request independent testing of your own materials to be compiled into a white paper report by us, please contact us on [email protected].

Comparison of aged reflector efficiency

Comparison of aged infrared reflector efficiency

This paper studies the influence of exposing Ceramicx aluminised steel and stainless steel reflectors to high temperatures on the reflectivity of the material. A comparison is made between new and oxidised reflectors to gauge the influence of this on the percentage radiative heat flux.

Comparison study of five quartz glasses used for element protection

Comparison study of five quartz glasses used for element protection

This paper details investigations into the best glass to protect Ceramicx’s quartz cassette heaters allowing for best transmission of infrared radiation. A number of different glasses are available; however, these will have different characteristic transmission spectra due to differing compositions.

Figure 1: Sample of material between two FastIR heaters with QHL elements

Evaluating Thermoplastic Prepreg Infrared Heating Elements

CCP Gransden approached Ceramicx to build an infrared oven to heat thermoplastic carbon fibre prepreg materials for their forming operations. Phase one involves the heater assessment and selection for this project, with the stipulated minimum material temperature being 425°C.

Figure 1: Experimental layout

Thermocouple Sheath – Stainless Steel v Ceramic

In this test, two different types of thermocouple were compared to evaluate response to Infrared heating. Both thermocouples were of type K and one was a purely ceramic sheath while the other was of a stainless steel sheath.

Preferred Infrared Wavelengths for Comfort Heating

This document is a short survey of the information relating to Infrared heating of humans and animals, normally called comfort heating. It explains the scientific rationale behind the use of medium and long wave infrared radiation when used for comfort heating.

Quartz Elements from Ceramicx

Quartz Cassette Aluminised Steel – Polished or Dull?

Aluminised steel is supplied from the manufacturer with one side shinier than the other. Until now, Ceramicx have formed Quartz bodies with the polished side facing out for aesthetic reasons. It was decided to investigate if there was any significant difference in quartz element output if the polished or dull side were used.

IRP4 performance evaluation-1

IRP4 infrared heater performance evaluation

Two tests were implemented for the purpose of this report: Test 1 compares the performance of 2 standard FFEH 800W when paired with various reflectors; Test 2 quantifies the ability of an IRP4 to heat a concrete slab from a set distance.


We make these white papers available for the benefit of any Ceramicx customers, distributors, or research partners and believe the information in each one to be accurate to the best of our knowledge and capability. Ceramicx cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or consequences as a result of using data withing these white papers. We reserve the right to amend and update these files at any time whenever necessary.

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