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Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation


Welcome to the Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation or C²I².   The Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation works hand in hand with the other departments of Ceramicx Ireland. 

To coincide with the opening of the new Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation – C²I², Ceramicx are delighted to unveil our newest research tool, “Herschel”. Herschel is our new IR energy mapping instrument, and comprises an ABB robot, a state of the art Infra Red sensing element, and a sophisticated post processing graphics suite.  We  have christened our new IR instrument “The Herschel”; named after Sir Fredrick William Herschel, the German-born British Astronomer, Musician and Polymath and the first to discover Infrared Radiation.

The new Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation will perform and publish:
■ Cutting edge IR heat research work as self directed
■ Multi-client study and project work across international boundaries
■ Contract research for heating, engineering companies and white goods companies

The Centre will also
■ carry out ‘online’ production troubleshooting and problem solving for individual clients and their heatwork needs.
■ conduct IR heat mapping and testing for all forms of IR heaters.
■ assist in IR heater product design and development.
■ offer IR heat mapping and testing on all forms of target bodies, materials & applications
■ offer IR heat mapping and testing as part of industrial machine build and design
■ Patent and Technology development for white goods companies
■ provide IR related training to clients

The Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation has its own dedicated research programmes so as to benefit the existing product line.  For example, all the products of Ceramicx Ireland are now being assessed using the fully automated 3D IR Mapping system that has just been developed in conjunction with one of our research partners, Trinity College Dublin.  In addition the Centre has ties with other leading Universities including the University of Limerick, Cork Institute of Technology, and University of Duisburg.  Of course we also have partners in industry such as Friedr Freek in Germany, and Weco International in the USA.

Read about our current and past projects in the links to your left. 

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