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Infrared Bulbs UK

Ceramicx infrared bulbs solution for UK engineering. 

Ceramicx industrial heat consultants are leaders in providing a range of products including heaters for industrial processing, infrared radient heaters, infrared heaters as well as infrared bulbs to all kinds of UK companies.

Used by a wide range of UK companies, an infrared bulb is an ideal solution for pets, farm animals or other cold-blooded animals such as reptiles that require the best in comfort heat.

A Ceramic infrared bulb now offer a far more durable and efficient solution to UK companies than the red bulbs most typically found in these applications. The energy output of our bulbs focusses on heat alone - with no negative light outputs that can disturb the diurnal cycle of the animal to be heated.

Ceramic materials also provide a longer wavelength heat generation that is far more conducive to comfort heating for any living creature. This can be seen here from the research recently carried out in relation to human heating in Trinity College in Dublin. 

Our Infrared bulbs also have a warranty period of 5000 hours but will typically last 20,000+ hours and more if used correctly. These bulbs are also much kinder to your pocket - giving you more heat for less energy. Try them and see! Ceramicx are leaders in providing solutions for infrared bulbs and ceramic heaters UK and worldwide.  


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