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Infrared Heating Elements UK

Ceramicx infrared heat technology solutions for UK engineering

Ceramicx provides applied IR-based heat work for all kinds of UK companies - from Rolls Royce and Aston Martin to the smallest and most niche manufacturing businesses. Ceramicx provides a wide range of products to the UK including ceramic elements, heaters, infrared heating elements and infrared bulbs 

Ceramicx IR-based heat solutions, ceramic elements and heaters help optimise production flow all across industry - heavy engineering sectors such as offshore, oil and gas; chemicals and other process sectors have all benefitted.

Lighter engineering sectors such as plastics and packaging are also key to UK customers. And new Ceramicx resources are also helping solve heat issues and bottlenecks in the teletronics industries - PCB and chip design - and in micro manufacturing generally. 

Check out the benefits

Read founder/director Frank Wilson here in Process Engineering magazine on how infrared heat work can lift your business.

Ceramicx are leaders in providing solutions for ceramic heaters UK and infrared bulbs UK and worldwide.  

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