Custom Quartz Elements


Quartz Custom Elements

Custom quartz heating elements are also an option for our customers. In the past, Ceramicx has worked closely in developing heater geometry required for specific applications. By using a unique heater geometry, matching the profile of the part or target material, allows consistent heat in every area.

Normally favoured and used for industrial processes where rapid heater response quartz elements heat up in seconds – far less time than ceramic heaters. This makes them particularly efficient and effective for manufacturing processes with long heater-off cycles.

Operating up to 750°C (1380°F), infrared quartz radiant heater produces wavelengths in the 1.5 – 8-micron spectrum, slightly shorter than ceramic elements. Custom wattages and voltages available.

Our full range of medium to long-wave, infrared quartz elements are CE approved.

Technical information

Available Wattage150W250W400W500W650W750W1000W
Mean surface temp (°C)343438542593644690772
Max power density (kW/m2)8.814.623.529.338.24458.7

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