Pillared Full Quartz Element Leads (PFQEL)


Pillared Full Quartz Infrared Heating Element (PFQEL)

A versatile infrared quartz heating element (150 – 1,000W) with ceramic pillar and leads provides an instant heat response for a variety of industrial process applications. These elements are particularly effective for manufacturing processes where a rapid heater response is required.

Available Wattage: 150-1000W

Size: 247 x 62.5 x 38 mm

Useful wavelength range: 1.5 – 8 microns

Average Weight 409g

Iron-chrome aluminium resistance wire

Heater Voltage: 230V standard

Other Variations: voltages, wattages, lead length and terminations available on request

Average Operating Life: 10,000 hrs depending on conditions

Recommended radiation distance from heater is 100 mm to 200 mm

Minimum recommended spacing between elements: 5mm.

Standard Quartz Emitters should be used instead of Pillared Quartz Emitters in situations where there is a lot of movement as the metal studs will deal better with mechanical shock than the Ceramic pillars

Technical information

Available Wattage150W250W400W500W650W750W1000W
Mean surface temp (°C)343438542593644690772
Max power density (kW/m2)8.814.623.529.338.24458.7


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