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Spectral Analysis


Ceramicx has been working with the University of Duisburg in Essen Germany for a number of years. The data produced has allowed Ceramicx to evolve and develop our product further as well as making more information available to help customers make a better decision when applying infrared heaters and ceramic heaters to high-tech applications.

Spectral Analysis for various Ceramic, Quartz and Quartz Tungsten Elements

Click on an element to view its Infrared Spectrum
Ceramic Trough Elements Ceramic Hollow Elements
FTE infrared element spectral curves

FTE 150 W

FTE 250 W

FTE 400 W

FTE 500 W

FTE 650 W

FTE 1000 W


FFEH 400 W

FFEH 650 W

FFEH 800 W

Quartz Elements Quartz Tungsten/Halogen Elements

FQE 250 W

FQE 400 W

FQE 650 W

FQE 1000 W


QTM 1000 W

QHM 1000 W

Note: These graphs may not be used in any form without permission from Infrared Heat Consultants Ceramicx Ireland


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