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White Paper

CCII 00018


Aluminised steel is supplied from the manufacturer with one side shinier than the other. Until now, Ceramicx have formed Quartz bodies with the polished side facing out for aesthetic reasons. Given that the Herschel can now easily test and compare minor changes in performance, it was decided to also investigate if there was any significant difference in quartz element output if the polished or dull side were used.

Two “polished side in“ elements were tested against two standard construction elements with the polished side out. One of the “polished in” cassettes was worked (folded) with the protective film on, the other with the film removed. This was to assess the impact of scratches that may be caused by working, if any.

As a comparison, a competitor body was also tested, however, the competitor element was re-tubed from its original 500W to 1000W so as to compare it with Ceramicx 1000W. The results are shown and discussed as part of this paper.

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