Quartz Tungsten Short


Available Wattage: 750W

Size: 10 x 224mm

Fast medium wave emitter standard features

The tungsten filament used in these heaters is the porcupine or star type coil, which can be operated at temperatures up to 1500°C (2732°F), with peak wavelength emissions of approximately 1.6 microns. It reaches top temperatures within seconds.

As well as having excellent structural rigidity, this coil is designed to minimize light output and maximize IR emission thereby increasing IR radiant efficiency.

Standard Products: 240 v, R7s termination and 10 mm diameter glass.

Other configurations available on request.

For enquiries about these elements, please complete and submit the Tube Enquiry Form.

Technical information

ModelWattageVoltageMax. Coil Temp.Overall lengthHeated Length
QtS750W240V1450°C (2642°F)224mm170mm


Installation, handling & safety

Spectral Analysis

Spectral Analysis from Ceramicx

Ceramicx has been working with the University of Duisburg in Essen Germany for a number of years. The data produced has allowed Ceramicx to evolve and develop our product further as well as making more information available to help customers make a better decision when applying infrared heaters and ceramic heaters to high-tech applications.

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