Infrared Training



Infrared heating is not a widely understood topic and is rarely covered in detail in many engineering degree courses worldwide.  Ceramicx offers two types of training course in the application of infrared heat in order to teach their distributors the basics, and also to solve complex problems related to heaters for industrial processing and industrial infrared heating.

Online Training

An online internet based training course consists of four modules and short tests that take around 2 hours each to complete.   The page will be updated regularly with additional courseware and certificates will be issued to customers who undertake and successfully pass the training.  There are plans to develop this course further with formal accreditation and certification from a recognised authority.  Finally in due course Ceramicx plan to have courses at  diploma and ultimately at MSc level.

Ceramicx invites customers, distributors and research partners who are engaged with Infrared heating and processes or Ceramicx as an organisation to apply to Ceramicx for FREE access to the training course. Please click for the Application Form here.

For those not associated with Ceramicx a subscription can be purchased for £150 per module or £500 annually for all four modules.

Classroom Training

This training is currently a 3 day course offered on-site at Ceramicx in scenic West Cork or in a location of your choice. In addition to the online infrared heating course, Ceramicx also offers bespoke training courses for whatever infrared needs its users and customers may require. This training has a large hands-on practical element where customers can see the manufacture of ceramic and quartz heating elements, as well as applications engineering projects during construction. Please enquire with your training query. Contact Gerard McDonnell.


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