The benefits of (thermal) consulting

27 November, 2012

Consultants have had a bad press down the years and often rightly so: As the old saying goes – a ‘consultant’ often shows up as someone who borrows your watch just to tell you the time. However, an expert consultant with specialist knowhow can often drop one wise word that can save thousands in debottlenecking and wasted blind alleys and cul de sacs. At Ceramicx, for example, our customers know that we make all our Infrared heating products ourselves and to a world-class standard. That state of affairs is non-negotiable and we would not dream of having anyone else tell us how to conduct this business. On the other hand, when it comes to support functions such as Computing, IT, Software packages and so forth, it makes no sense at all for Ceramicx to try and invent these ourselves:  Instead we go out and find expert contractors who then deliver the optimum solution on our doorstep to our specification and cost. Similarly, Ceramicx customers are the same when it comes to heating and infrared know-how. These companies don’t have the time, inclination or resources to pursue learning that might involve two or three people and a two-year programme of thermal study and practice. Rather, Ceramicx clients need an expert heating solution already scoped out – with all attendant technical and commercial benefits - and delivered to a deadline; sometimes yesterday. Over the coming months Ceramicx will showing how this heatwork consulting process is a vital part of our work. A full and proper engagement at the consulting stage not only helps the hardware and system design, it also makes for great benefits down-the-line, repeatable ease-of-manufacture and increased profits for the client company. As many of you may know Ceramicx is already working with the team led by Dr Tony Robinson, Trinity College Dublin on an applied research project supported by Enterprise Ireland. Tony’s thermal dynamics consultancy launches in the next week or two and Ceramicx is also pleased to be involved in supporting the work of the consultancy and its outreach. Our next issue of HeatWorks magazine – publishing early January – will feature a ‘curtain raiser’ article on the kinds of heating projects that Tony and the team can tackle – across a great variety of industries and consumers. In the meantime, please contact us directly for any heat consulting needs and/or to join our HeatWorks magazine circulation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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