2013 – a year to savour

03 January, 2013

Firstly – and from all at Ceramicx, may we wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. Something tells me that 2013 is definitely going to be one to remember – and for all the right reasons. Readers will know that Ceramicx has been firing on all fronts and full capacity for some time now – on the shop floor and in infrared heating markets all over the world. Ceramicx core manufacturing and core products – now benchmarked as World Class – are in volume demand, and are subject to our Continuous Improvement (CI) quality process. By these means we intend to ensure that World Class remains World Class. And this means, for example, that our trade mission to Chinaplas, Gaunghzhou, in May 2013 will be even more packed with infrared know and solutions than our ground-breaking presence at the show last year. Our 2012 feet on the street approach to China’s hunger for quality engineering saw us sow a unique approach to that market. 2013 will see us raise our service to China up to another level and will also help prepare for the special Ceramicx showing for our date in Dusseldorf at the K 2013 triennial plastics exhibition, October 16-23. These exhibition days in Germany see Ceramicx take a quantum shift forward – both for the company and for the science of infrared heating in the service of plastics-based manufacturing. Dr Tony Robinson of Trinity College, Dublin, will join us at the show, primarily to demonstrate how our new IR heat work – and prototype test equipment – is going to push the future envelope for manufacturers and producers worldwide. Meantime you will for sure be able to read more about these topics in this blog and in the forthcoming issues of HeatWorks magazine. The next edition will be our eighth such issue. At Ceramicx we are proud of our commitment and abilities in communicating these matters of heat technology. Among other things HeatWorks magazine continues to help provide the proof of an ever expanding and prosperous infrared heating sector throughout the world. Please don’t hesitate to join the HeatWorks circulation and to communicate with us on any matter of infrared heating. Enjoy the year! Many thanks

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