Making a difference

06 February, 2013

In life, in work and also in business, small things done well invariably make the difference between success and failure. Most concert pianists in training, for example, will know that period of simple training; just the white keys – do – re – me – over and over – is essential to future success. This fundamental and detailed work is done simply to make future approach and tone unchallengeable. Something left unfixed in the foundations of any practice or enterprise will certainly come back to make trouble later. So it is in manufacturing, and in the creation of world-class Infrared heating products. Over the past 18 months at Ceramicx we have been reassessing and questioning some of the industry’s fundamentals in product design.

We have come to identify some good practices and legacies in the work of the past 80 years – and some not so good. This has led us to undertake a radical reassessment of the geometry and performance of parts; specifically ceramic elements. As part of our service to the world’s user industries we are now able to match-produce any ceramic IR element of any size. Meantime and however we have also pushed forward in creating what we believe to be the new ceramic-based IR industry standard. The devil is always in the detail. Central pillars at the back of the elements, for example, need to be created just so in order to give optimum fitting and connectivity.  Wiring needs to be considered; the performance of the organic clays under temperature needs to be factored in. The geometry of the wave spring and the U-clip also plays a key part, as does the thickness of the reflector and size of the slot hole in the reflector, on which the pillar is inserted.

In short, a great deal of empirical study and analysis needs to take place before changes are made; changes that will be based upon industry norms and improve them. In all modesty, this is what we believe we have now achieved with our newly-designed ceramic elements for IR heating. These are currently being trialled with customers and a move to full production is set for later this year. Heatworks IR Heating MagazineWe plan to tell you more about the look and aesthetics of these new products later in the year. In the meantime, however, you can read all about the background to this work in the latest upcoming edition of our HeatWorks magazine. Your free copy is available  directly from ourselves.

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