Sales and Investment – the partnership model

01 March, 2013

I wrote recently about the business partnership model that has characterized so much of our recent work at Ceramicx. It has been both a learning curve and our good fortune to work closely with our industrial clients; co-engineering and pushing the envelope in Infrared  heating solutions. Some of these fruits of collaboration are evident in the pages of our latest HeatWorks magazine; more will be featured in the forthcoming Spring issue. Ceramicx of course has extensive capability for volume supply of world-class IR heating components. However, it is also clear, that rising demand for our IR systems engineering will continue to attract new business and new partners. This week reminded me, however, that the arts of partnership always needs practice, and that sometimes it is invaluable to play the client role. Such was the case when our friends from Dorst, in Southern Germany were at hand; to inspect the installation and commissioning of two new dust press machines from that company.Ceramicx Ireland Dorst Machines R-L: Ms. Gráinne Wilson, Mr. Brian Hanmore, Dorst, Mr. Marcin Milczarczyk, and Mr. Frank Wilson, pictured in front of Dorst Dacs 15 recently delivered with a Dacs 30 This represents significant spend and investment for Ceramicx. The new Dorst equipment is part of a key new phase for us; and also represents a threshold to markets new; not least in the world of quality electrical insulation. I am happy to report that all has gone well and that the Ceramicx/Dorst partnership has been refreshed and strengthened. Indeed I would hope that we have played our part in ‘giving something back’ in terms of their learning about the market and marketplace. Needless to say we count them as a valued friend for the future. However and wherever you find yourself – supplier or client – business is always a two way street. Making sure that the traffic flows freely and easily is at least as important as ensuring that all final destinations are reached. Ceramicx looks forward to many more such partnerships in the coming months and especially as we build to our two important plastics exhibitions this year; Chinaplas, May 2013 and K 2013, Dusseldorf, October 16-23, 2013.

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