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Heatwork for all materials

21 March, 2017

Readers will most likely know that Ceramicx is currently experiencing high demand from a number of key sectors – aerospace, automotive and packaging – and this is relating to some specific heat work technologies, such as; Composite preforming ovens, Industrial conveyor ovens, Plastics thermoforming inline and batch ovens and others.Readers should also know that this company never turns down a challenge and is also more than delighted to work with many materials outside the polymer zone – materials such as aluminium foil, for example, as manufactured by market leader Becromal. Having designed furnaces for the company’s production in Norway, Ceramicx was selected to supply further furnaces to Becromal’s plant in Iceland.

Together, both companies created a custom-built Infrared-based solution that saw old forming machines successfully retrofitted with clean, new heat technology.
HeatWorks XI contains all the details of this fascinating customer report. Articles such as these are the lifeblood of Ceramicx communications and we shall always endeavour to bring you the very latest as they occur.

Dr. Cáthál Wilson

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