Helping The Performance Of High Temperature Ovens

01 March, 2017

There are two main components to effective IR heatwork in industry; designing the appropriate radiation and heat emissivity, while at the same time designing the heat control, insulation and heat resistance of the heater units.

In recent years, for example, Ceramicx has invested in number of Dorst dust presses in order to design and produce a variety of parts for electrical insulation. These parts are commonly produce from steatite materials. Ceramicx now has an ability to produce volumes of steatite beads for electrical wiring purposes or component blocks in order to insulate and direct the energy from a range of quartz heaters.
Ceramicx is now set to invest further in a new kiln for the business. This oven will enable us to produce further volumes of steatite and also alumina-based products, thus greatly increasing our scope for innovative IR heater design and build. We shall make sure to communicate pictures and news of the new press on its arrival into the factory in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, check out HeatWorks magazine Issue 9 for the story of how Ceramicx first invested in Electrical Insulation technology.

Dr Cáthál Wilson 

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