Keeping Good Company

09 March, 2017

As a specialist supplier of Industrial Infrared Ovens Ceramicx personnel are often cast in the role of Industrial Heat Consultants. It’s a label we wear lightly since, as engineers, we know that the proof of the pudding is always in the eating. Unless the customer’s Industrial Ovens perform exactly as required, one’s expert status means nothing.

For some years now we have created and sustained relationships with the best-in-class and best-in-field. We seek out those who, like ourselves, deliver on performance rather than rely on reputation.

The world of academe provides no exception. Ceramicx has nurtured long-lasting and performance based relationships with Trinity College Dublin, The Frauenhofer Institute and the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at the University of Cambridge.
The latter has been particularly important to Ceramicx in terms of our business thinking and business organisation. Under the visiting tutelage of IfM Fellow, Derek Ford, for example, Ceramicx has benefitted greatly from involving a fresh pair of expert eyes to review all our business functions and structure. We highly recommend the IfM at Cambridge University. It’s focus on the needs of SME enterprises is particularly skilled and unique in today’s climate.

You can get a flavour of the work involved by turning to our HeatWorks magazine Issue Eleven – ‘University Challenge’


By Dr Cáthál Wilson 

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