Ceramicx hopes for best Chinaplas yet 2017

07 April, 2017

I don’t want to jinx it but all the signs for our upcoming Chinaplas show next month are very positive, pointing, we hope, to boosting record Ceramicx sales in that country.

Our continuous presence and the quality of our partners in that territory have made it very clear to the Chinese market that Ceramicx is there permanently. Custom-made products, IR training, JIT supply and attentiveness to the need of machinery builders are just a few factors that are helping our double digit growth in what is a truly vast and all-encompassing industry.

Patrick Wilson will once again lead our marketing effort this year in Guangzhou province. Under Patrick’s leadership, 2016 was our most successful Chinaplas year to date, with growth in all of our product areas. The Chinaplas reception to the new product that we made specifically for that market was also really outstanding; giving our customers significant cost savings in overall thermoforming machine-build.

The bulk of our enquiries next month are, once again, expected to be in the cost and energy saving aspects of thermoforming technology. However, Ceramicx is there to listen to all the needs of China’s entire plastics marketplace. We shall surely find ways and means to market and sell many of our innovations in Industrial Oven and Infrared Oven build and to also show something of our growing work in heat work in composites processing.

Chinaplas – in common with all the other plastics exhibitions in the rest of the world – tends to exclude the high growth area of plastics composite production. It may, however, just be a matter of time before both side of the industry are fully integrated in exhibitions worldwide. From the Ceramicx perspective that would be a very welcome move.

Meantime we look forward to welcoming friends old and new in Guangzhou May 16-19 at China’s leading plastics exhibition.

Further details of our Chinaplas preview will be available in the next issue of our HeatWorks magazine. Order your free copy directly from orla.burke@ceramicx.com

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