Shaping A Bright Future

18 April, 2017

To paraphrase the old saying….if there’s no destination in mind then it will be mighty difficult to get there!

In that spirit Ceramicx is delighted to accept an invitation from Ireland’s Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in order to help shape the future and to contribute to the nation’s Round Table discussions at the Croke Park Conference Centre on various technology futures.

Whatever the outcome of these discussions it does no harm at all for governments and business everywhere to learn each other’s priorities, needs and aims for the future.

In recent months, for example, I have been very impressed with the methodology and the outcomes of the UK’s process in this regard. Ceramicx is now very well appraised of the various UK ‘Catapult’ centres that have resulted from systematic and sustained industry/government collaboration – in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, medical and healthcare technology, information technology and in many other sunrise industries that have been identified for growth.

Dare I say it but – head for head and euro for euro – Ireland has the opportunity and the scope to do even better. Our IT, biotechnology and med-tech sectors already lead Europe in many regards. And with some intelligent foresight and planning we have a clear window to add several new upcoming technologies to the development slate.

Naturally Ceramicx will be pressing the case for greater awareness and take up of the science of infrared heating throughout industry and commerce – both at home and abroad.

As we never tire of saying, since William Herschel’s discovery of the IR spectrum over 200 years ago, our world is still only beginning to scratch the surface of available and exploitable applications.

Last month’s winning of the Knowledge Transfer Impact award for our IR testing work with Trinity College Dublin will certainly help our cause.

The future is certainly bright  - and we at Ceramicx are looking forward to being part of it.

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