The Power of Relationships

11 May, 2017

The Ceramicx partnership was established when, with Mr. Xu Shan as his guide, Ceramicx founder Frank Wilson visited the Chinaplas 2010 exhibition in Shanghai. Both men visited many potential customers on this first visit - building a good base for future cooperation and business. Ceramicx was then introduced to Mr. Peter Li and his GSAE Company. The rest, as they, say is history. In 2012 Ceramicx made its first exhibiting appearance at Chinaplas. Mr. Li’s team and Mr. Xu Shan set to work and within one year Ceramicx sales were raised considerably.

Fast forward another five years and Patrick Wilson, Ceramicx Production manager spearheads the Ceramicx market penetration in China; once again exhibiting at Chinaplas in the BPF pavilion as members and chalking up a number of specific product developments for that market place.

Mr Xu Shan, Mr Patrick Wilson and Mr Peter Li at Chinaplas 2016

As a result of the valuable data that Mr. Li and Mr. Shan returned to Ceramicx, significant product developments for the Chinese market took place. Last year Patrick Wilson successfully oversaw the introduction of a successful ‘flat hollow’ IR element line created just for that market.

None of this would be possible without the power of positive relationships that were established right from the beginning with Mr. Li and Mr. Shan. The expertise and commitment of Peter Li and his company and the linguistic and technical skills of Xu Shan have made a great contribution. Our increased performance last year in the Chinese market demands of us to mention a big thank you to Mr. Li and his team ably assisted by Mr. Shan.

Now, the Ceramicx brand becomes more and more familiar throughout Chinese industry with every passing Chinaplas year. Long service life, high performance and customization abilities have been well established for Ceramicx IR heating products. On the eve of Chinaplas 2017 the Ceramicx future in China looks bright.

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