To Measure is to Manage

18 May, 2017

Developed in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin we know that the Herschel’s IR heat measurement abilities are truly important. Many others agree. At the end of March 2017 we submitted our project to third part scrutiny and it won Ireland’s Collaborative Research Impact Award against peers such as Intel Ireland and Microsoft Ireland.

Part of the reason for our winning ticket can perhaps be found in the first three pages of Ceramicx HeatWorks XV magazine issue.

Firstly, we make it clear that the IR heat measurement technology of the Herschel has universal appeal and application – as useful and popular in Shanghai as in Stuttgart or Seattle.

Secondly, we make it clear that this measurement technology can go ‘inch wide and mile deep’ for a number of manufacturing sectors. In HeatWorks XV we demonstrate the measurement and testing of IR heat sources on a variety of plastic sheet. This, in order to optimize the thermoforming process and plastic materials used in sportswear.

And such measurement and testing work can be created for the Herschel for nearly any circumstance; for food, healthcare, packaging, for processes of gluing, drying, annealing, for the formation of composite material structures and for also testing and mapping all kinds of IR emitters. 

The Herschel is now a part of daily life at Ceramicx, and will be at the heart of our new heat work laboratories currently under construction. TCD and Ceramicx took the Herschel project to fruition in order to further establish empirical science and provable method in the measurement and management of the IR heat spectrum. This has succeeded. The Herschel will go on to contribute to the world’s growing IP in IR heat; both for ourselves and for our clients.

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