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Supplying the Worlds Packaging Producers

04 July, 2017

Dr Cáthál Wilson

For as long as humanity values convenience so will the world’s packaging industries thrive. With over 7 billion mouths needing delivery systems to guarantee food and water on a daily basis it would be a rash soul to bet against the continuing expansion of this sector.

However, the global consequences of litter and packaging waste are becoming a continuing part of the human story; increasingly featured in today’s media and focussed on the threat to the oceans, wildlife and the ecosystem generally.

Close to one million plastic bottles per minute are now reckoned to be produced across the world. The environmental mantra of recovery, re-use and recycling is needed like never before. Corporate giants such as Coca-Cola are reversing their positions on deposit schemes and taking note of the groundswell

In this climate, all possible measures for energy and production efficiency need to be taken. The more recent markets of home and office brewing of individual tea and cappuccino drinks offer no exception.

Ceramicx’s latest client processes plastic rings for tea and coffee pods. These are injection moulded before then progressing to the Ceramicx conveyor heating system. After moulding, the products are automatically placed onto our conveyor where they are centred and unstacked using guides.

The Ceramicx infrared conveyor heating system is being deployed by our client in order to stress-relieve and anneal the injection moulded parts. This is done so that the parts can be further processed with a reduced possibility of breakage and snapping and that - further in the product life cycle – they offer the possibility of re-use.

There are three systems each with its own control panel. System AA1 and AA2 are the same, 30ft conveyor with a 10ft oven and AB is a 45ft conveyor and a 15ft oven.

The Ceramicx conveyor is built from stainless steel together with an Intralox series HHR 900 series high-temperature belt. This Oven is built using FTE and HTE ceramic yellow heaters. The heating oven is hinged, enabling easy access to the heaters and the conveyor underneath.


High volume and fast recycling manufacturing operations such as packaging will always be able to identify areas to save cost – as well as energy and carbon footprint. It’s just the kind of Infrared heating work that Ceramicx thrives upon and we look forward to bringing you more examples from this industry later this year.

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