Meeting the Minister – staying connected

11 September, 2017

It was a delight for Ceramicx to meet and host Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Denis Naughten, at our factory earlier this month and to tour him through our construction and expansion work in progress at the company.



Frank Wilson, Managing Director Ceramicx Ltd.  Denis Naughten, T.D. Minister of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.  Gráinne Wilson, Director Ceramicx Ltd. Dr Cáthál Wilson, Director Ceramicx Ltd.


Earlier in the day the Minister had taken time in nearby Crookhaven, to unveil a statue of Guglielmo Marconi, who pioneered long distance radio transmission from his house and workshop there at the turn of the century. Marconi’s achievement there reminds me that technology revolutions are now possible from anywhere in the world – perhaps even more so in green field locations that are unencumbered by the industrial legacies of the past century.

Ireland’s recent GDP figures invite proof: We were able to show Minister Naughten that Ceramicx Ltd is playing a full part in Ireland’s ever-increasing manufacturing performance which – per-capita – is now among the leading countries in Europe.

I would also have to say that the Cork and West Cork areas certainly provide fertile soil for the boldness of purpose and vision that needs to accompany 21st Century manufacturing. Ceramicx, for example, is now established here for over 25 years. We now export over 95% of our world-class and hi-tech Infrared (IR) heaters and components to 65 countries worldwide.

Ceramicx business has grown at an average rate of 15% per year for the last 8 years. Growth of 22% was posted in 2016 and growth of 26% has been achieved in the first 6 months of 2017.

I was, however, able to assure the Minister that these achievements can never stand still and, from time to time, also need the support and assurance of Government in the form of forward-thinking and connected infrastructure.


Alan Dunne, Senior Development Advisor, Enterprise Ireland.  Jerry O’Sullivan, Managing Director, CHOM Building Contractors.  Frank Wilson, Managing Director Ceramicx Ltd.  Gráinne Wilson, Director Ceramicx Ltd. Denis Naughten, T.D. Minister of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.  Dr Cáthál Wilson, Director Ceramicx Ltd.  Michael Collins T.D. (Ind) Cork South West.  Danny Collins, Cork County Councillor for West Cork.


For example, our new manufacturing halls, machine tool shops, robotics stations, Skype comms facilities; SAP facilities and CAD CAM facilities – all of these need the assistance of fast broadband in order for use to make the most of our Big Data based projects and our communications with worldwide markets.

Fast broadband allows Ceramicx to:

  • Seamlessly link our new manufacturing systems with sales and marketing throughout the world – in particular, increasing volumes in China, India USA, Middle East and Europe
  • Incorporate Cloud and Big Data and SAP elements into all matters of product design, manufacturing, quality assurance and business process
  • Continue to lead the Infrared Heating industry in matters of Research and Development and Industry 4.0
  • Increase business throughout, orders, sales and jobs thereby

Communications Minister Naughten’s visit to Ceramicx was therefore very timely. We were able to assure him that his portfolio is of the utmost importance to Irish manufacturing and to Ceramicx. We look forward to including an installation programme of high speed broadband into all our other upgrades and improvements.

Were he alive today I am sure that Guglielmo Marconi would approve. Avanti!

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