Counting off the Kilometres

Odometering - the measurement of distance travelled - has been with us since Ancient Rome. Issues of aesthetics and performance mean an incessant turnover of ideas and solutions for automotive application.

Ceramicx Solutions for Automotive Industry

Ceramicx recently collaborated with its German distributor, Friedr Freek and a leading German 1st tier supplier in order to service the innovation needs of a German OEM automotive company.

The 1st tier supplier serves a multitude of automotive customers. Its principal technologies include vacuum forming and high pressure forming of film on components. Ceramicx engineers were involved in fine tuning aspects of the thermoforming production.

Key production issues in the production of the odometer included the accuracy of part forming; the integrity of seal and the aesthetics of the product. The current trend for 3D dashboard instrumentation also places high demands on the accuracy in high pressure forming technology with printing positioning needing to be highly accurate and with exact temperature control in the process.

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