Ceramicx Element Efficiency Helps Chinese Thermoformers Become Industry Leaders

As part of their product development, Chinese thermoforming equipment giant, BloomSmart Machinery Co, use Ceramicx hollow ceramic infrared heating elements in their recently developed fully automatic high speed pressure forming machines.

Smart and flexible technology

With more than 20 years’ experience in thermoforming production, BloomSmart has invested heavily in its production machinery. Living up to their name, their smart and innovative technology leads the competition – both in price and performance. BloomSmart is now a hi-tech enterprise and a leader in China’s thermoforming industry.

With a range of high volume and large capacity equipment – including their newly-developed, fully-automatic, high-speed HMD SMARTFORMER – BloomSmart’s experience and flexible production line has made the Chinese FMCG packaging sector their main market. This success has also seen their active development of products for overseas markets.

Today, BloomSmart consistently provides customers guaranteed quality and speed of production in thermoforming production. And the service and attention to detail of our Ceramicx distributor in China, GSAE, has made them the main supplier of their high-quality Ceramicx infrared ceramic components.

Ceramicx elements unique to China

GSAE regularly supplies BloomSmart with Ceramicx infrared square flat hollow elements (SFEH) for their thermoforming machines. This particular ceramic component provides a high radiant heat output, shorter heat up time, and a significant reduction in heat loss at the rear. It also has an excellent price–performance ratio.

GSAE also supplies BloomSmart with a second type of Ceramicx square flat hollow element, specially designed and sold to the Chinese market. The SFEH-LN heater is a variation of the standard SFEH element, and has an expanded back using the extra air space as an insulator. This is suitable for their pre-heat machines for film materials including PP, APET, PS, PVC, OPS, PEEK, PLA, and CPET.

With consistently efficient and uniform heat, both Ceramicx infrared elements give Bloom Smart the prices they want and the performance quality guarantee their customers need. By using these components, they improve their production speeds and lead their competitors in the market.

An important partnership

Discovering the Ceramicx brand after a visit from our distribution partners, GSAE, BloomSmart now uses Ceramicx elements over other suppliers. And their main incentive is the price–performance ratio of the components.

But since their first order in early 2018, the relationship between Bloom Smart and GSAE has flourished. GSAE is quick to supply the high-quality Ceramicx infrared heat solutions BloomSmart needs. But they also understand their needs and give a personal service.