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Infrared Panel Heaters

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Ceramicx infrared panel heaters are custom-built to operate primarily in the longwave range between 4 – 6 µm. Inside, the heating coils are embedded in a special ceramic fibre-board which provides insulation while adding durability and shock resistance.

The basic construction consists of a resistance coil which is located behind an emitting surface of either anodised aluminium or glass. This is then placed inside a 75mm high aluminium clad steel housing, normally containing 50mm of thermal insulation to reduce heat loss through the rear of the unit.

Standard options

Emitting surface

  • Glass-ceramic face
  • Excellent radiant efficiency
  • High percentage transmission of radiant output in medium to short wave range
  • Surface can be easily cleaned

Anodised aluminium face

  • Good radiant efficiency
  • Very robust
  • Surface sheet can be easily cleaned or replaced if damaged by molten material

Electrical terminations

  • Open 2P terminal block
  • Terminal block with cover
  • M6 or 1/4″ threaded stud
  • Type K thermocouple with fixed high-temperature socket and removable plug

Fixing studs

  • M5/M6/M8/0.25″ x 25mm long

Other custom options available on request. Please contact us on [email protected] for further information.

Technical information

When you place your order for a custom-built infrared panel heater, or you’d like a quotation, please supply the following information:

  1. Overall dimensions required (length and width)
  2. The wattage required and supply voltage
  3. Zoning requirements (if more than 1 zone required)
  4. Emitting surface type (see above)
  5. Electrical termination type (see above)
  6. With or without type K thermocouple
  7. Fixing studs (see above)
  8. Quantity required


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