Portable Test Stand

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Giving you fast, reliable, and consistent material testing, the innovative Ceramicx Portable Test Stand lets you quickly determine the most suitable type of emitter and heating distance you need for a specific material, with consistent results.

Included with the test stand are a range of 3 different emitter types, each housed in a Ceramicx modified projector. When one of the selected emitter types is connected to begin testing, your material will heat when placed on the stand’s stainless steel mesh test plate.

With an easily adjustable height, the distance between emitter and material can be positioned between 50mm and 200mm, in 50mm intervals, for maximum testing range.

To see the Portable Test Stand in action, see video tab in the menu on the right.

Technical information

Power Supply: 230V
Maximum Current: 7A
Maximum power output: 1.6kW
Ceramic Element (SFEH-800W): 1.6kW
Quartz elements (FQE-750W): 1.5kW
Tungsten tubes (QTS-750): 1.5kW



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