Ceramicx and Weco - ready for USA growth, 2013

28 January, 2013

Last week we took the opportunity to make plans with one of our oldest and most valued associates, Weco International, USA. Brett Wehner, Weco International CEO and Owner, stayed some five days with us as we made extensive plans and schedules for our future from the Ceramicx factory. We toasted old times and – better than that – raised a glass to our new horizons together. Ceramicx is happy to report that the special relationship is, more than ever, very firmly in place. In many ways the USA remains our most important market, and certainly our most challenging. The ambition and the sheer scale of many of our US manufacturing customers – in food service packaging, in other plastic forming industries; in multi material bonding, in toughened glass and other sectors – has stretched Ceramicx in a very positive way. 2013 now sees us making plans to service an expanded and dynamic Weco International network that is pitching hard for new work and new horizons throughout the US. Brett has recently recruited into the main Weco Company. His new affiliate campaign was also very successful after Weco exhibited at NPE 2012. Weco is now looking to extend the infrared heating network even further through all the US states and regions. Weco is accordingly looking for likeminded companies and committed heat work practitioners at all points North South East and West of Weco’s Clio Michigan base. The US timing and synergy is near-perfect for Ceramicx: Uptake and demand across the USA for our Comfort IR heating products and for our industrial infrared heating solutions – particularly for plastics thermoformers -  will find Ceramicx more than ready. The upcoming issue of our magazine HeatWorks VIII will show you why in more detail.  Our 8th edition of the magazine should be landing on desks within the next couple of weeks. In HeatWorks VIII we share the detail of some of the minutiae involved in our standard product redesign for ceramic elements. We also give a flavour of our collaborative work in both the automotive sector and for the paint drying and curing. The US market is ready for all this and more & we look forward to servicing increased opportunity there from this year. (Contact us directly to join the circulation of HeatWorks magazine. It’s free to those involved in the industry)

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